What they have to teach us

Feel my heavenly caress, she said to her companion
He faced her with strength and anticipation
Whatever is your desire, he said to his mistress

She coursed through him, and smacked him every evening
But some days with gentler force than others
He was a foundation, a body
and she was the nourishment, the blood, making him appear sturdy

Good were the days they were in love
She glistened as she slid sleepily against him
And he stood tall like a hero in a story book

May you come save me my prince when I have lost my foul mood
May you always come greet me my love when you travel with a heart of the moon
I am but Earth’s child and I shall keep you safe and afloat
And you shall grant me sensations with your voluptuous ebb and flow

Us mere humans may dangle our feet over his arms to taste her vie
but as we look on at their thrashing relationship we keep at bay
And only engage when they’re at peace

He remains when she goes away
But she returns in patterns every day
And no matter how it looks to us
The manner of their relationship is brave
For they keep on saving each other from a life that could go to waste

With every blink of the eye, and every salt crystal that flies
He kisses her with rough edges, allowing her someone different to stand beside
And she keeps him out of breath all night
And if you embrace her nature she will be good to you
If you respect his stance he will always stay true
But if you challenge them you will surely lose
For they don’t change, so your actions must reflect on you


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